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Cinqo de Mayo in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta was ALOT of fun. We wandered around with the kids. I finally broke out the big camera and took lots of pictures.

Sunrise coming into the harbor this morning was AMAZINGLY beautiful. Last night, after I finished that last entry, I turned to walk back towards the elevators and just happened to look up to see an albatross materialize out of the night sky. It hung, almost suspended above the ship. Now, of course it feels like we're not moving, so the bird just seemed to hang there swaying slowly back and forth, and ever so slightly falling behind. Then it would bank upwards, fade out of the lights from the ship, and return moments later, all caught up.

I'm not sure if the two birds I saw last night escorted us all the way in to the harbor this morning or not, but they were the first thing I saw this when I ran up on deck to catch sunrise pictures.

Finally, hazlenut creme brulee. Enough said.

Having sympathy pains for the mother-- her neck is acting up again.

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