The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

A Kiss on the Lips

Cabo San Lucas. Very pretty. We only had a short time in the city compared to the other ports, but it was enjoyable.

There's not alot to post today. I'm not quite as wiped as yesterday (thank goodness).

Tomorrow we're sailing up the coast all day.

Oh, dirty revelation here. I was resting before dinner a couple days ago, and my roommate came in from swimming and turned on the TV. He put on From Justin to Kelly. I watched it. It didn't suck. It wasn't great, but it didn't suck. Of course it, along with all the pretty people on board make me long to be a vapid, six pack endowed, stick legged, arrogant dumbfuck. HA! Who needs a six pack when you've got a keg?

I did, however, get a Kiss on the Lips from a pretty Romanian bartender today. Unfortunately, that was the name of the drink. Oh, yeah, don't ever go on a cruise with your parents if you're single. They'll a) introduce themselves as your parents and b) try to set you up with every waitress that smiles at you. Hi! They get PAID to smile at me! If they don't smile, the captain kicks them off the freakin boat!!

Anyhow, it WAS a good day, despite one of the autistic girls offering to shave my back while I was swimming.

Love that body image

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