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I have such cool fucking friends!!

Sarah, whom I went to visit in Nepal, is now practically PNG (Persona Non Grata) with the Palace in Kathmandu:

Colin Powell was stopping in to visit Nepal and had a visit with the King. So I went to the Palace and told the security guy that I needed to speak to the Palace Press Secretary (a royal pain in the ass, no pun intended) and got the brush off when the press sec refused to come out. So I stormed into the palace myself, right past the guards, and started raising a ruckus. This was all about 5 min before the Sec was scheduled to get there. Motorcade was en route. I finally got kicked out of the palace, and the Press Sec came to talk to me, and I pitched the proverbial fit, waved my finger around and said 'NO' in about seventeen different ways. They finally herded the press around the corner and made them hide there. :)

Anyway, the press were pissed, the Press Sec was pissed (told me afterwards that 'there are many things [he] was sorry about in the visit' and 'what the palace says should be golden'. Next day on the front page of the paper is this photo of Powell with a caption that says something like: 'Colin Powell waves after getting off his plane at Tribhuvan International Airport. Later in the day, photojournalists were banned from covering his audience with the King, despite an invitation from palace officials.' :) Hee!

To the point, I kept the press from seeing Powell at the Palace, despite a direct invitation to them from the King's chief advisor, whom I bullied into submission in front of god and country. I am such a bitch.

We love international incidents!!

Don't piss off Mem Sahib folks!!

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