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The sky was that perfect, unblemished, powder blue.  The sun glared slightly off Madeline's white hood, but not so much that I had to squint.  The wind ruffled my hair and made the deep green of the trees sway back and forth as if they were waving to me as I passed.

On the passenger seat of my car were letters from two friends.  Both were unexpected, and both made me giggle upon reading them.  Next to the letters was a flat of strawberries.

I reached over blindly and lifted one gingerly towards my face. As it entered my field of vision, I marveled at the perfection of the red that covered it, marred only by tiny green-yellow seeds.  I brought it to my mouth, and my lips parted. My teeth pushed gently through the flesh, and a surge of sweetness danced over my tongue-- the sweetness that only comes about when the berry is at it's perfect ripeness.

As I savored that flavor, I realized that no matter how bad things are, there can still be moments of perfect happiness.  This was one of them.

Caught in the afterglow

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