The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
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Attempting to Plaster My Visage Across the Universe...


Movie extra gig: replied to e-mail, should hear back soon
Animated short voiceover gig: sent e-mail for audition monologue stuff
Student film 'mugger' gig: sent resume and headshot, may meet with director this weekend
Student film 'scientist' gig: audition on Saturday
Independent short gig: headshot ready to mail

I have 10 copies of my face with my life plastered to the back that I can send to people who want to use me to make their visions come to life. I have 450 or so copies of my face waiting for my life to be attached. I have a can of spray attacherstuf waiting to do the attaching.

This is kinda fun.

Everybody wants to rule the world...
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