The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Astronaut Training

So I bet most of you didn't know I wanted to be an Astronaut when I grew up.  I was pretty close to getting an appointment to the Airforce Academy when I finally realized, "Wait, I don't like taking orders, I can't get up in the morning, I have flat feet, and I'm blind as a bat."  So I didn't go that route.  I did, however, go to Penn State and spent (I don't say wasted any more) three and a half years as an Aerospace Engineer.  I loved the theory, I hated the busy work.  Problem after problem of the same crap.  It wasn't what I wanted out of life.  If I could have just been a theoretical scientist, I would have been in geek heaven, but... you have to get the degree first, and the torture of spending every evening alone with my calculator wasn't worth it at the time.

Well, I finally get to (sort of) realize part of my dream of working for NASA.  The first week of July I'm going to be a human guinea pig in a research study on physiological responses which will contribute directly to the manned mission to Mars program.  Maybe I can trick them into sending me along.

Rocket maaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaan...

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