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I love feedback, but sometimes it takes me a few hours to digest it...
I find most of the landscapes quite "nice" without being remarkable.

Landscapes, buildings and travel shots generally I find pretty boring unless they're brilliantly executed, in stunning light, or shot from a different and imaginative point of view. Most of yours didn't reach those heights. Now, this probably says more about me being jaded or overwhelmed with images, than about your photography, but then as a society aren't we all overloaded with images there days? New photography has to really jump out of the box to engage anyone's attention for more than a fleeting second.

The travel/landscape shots probably mean more to you because of your memories of the occasion, than they do to an outsider. In a way those pictures just "exist" They don't have a past or a future, they don't have a narrative, a sense of being any sort of "decisive moment".  Cultural oddities don't have the interest or impact they once did because we have all seen it all already, via National Geographic, TV and the Internet.

As soon as you included people in your shots some of this started to occur. We look at the faces, the bodies and a story starts to form in the mind. Of who they might be, what they might be thinking, of what's going to happen next. Provoking this sort of reaction in the viewer makes a photograph more exciting or interesting.

So, enough rambling. Keep shooting, explore the new, the angle you didn't think of first up, make your pictures tell stories- which means first analyzing why you are shooting it in the first place.....

Taking a step back to ponder...
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