The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

The Nothing

No offense to former roommates, but having a few months to live on my own was awesome.  Just getting to have a space that was all mine. Lots of Naked Time.  Living outside my bedroom.  It's definitely changed the way I inhabit a space, that's for sure.

But ya know what?  It's fucking lonely sometimes.  Especially when you have no where to go during the day, except to the bathroom.  No one to share my thoughts with, no one to enjoy some TV with.  No one to turn to and say "Movie time! My treat! Let's go!"

I'll be leaving this townhouse shortly, and moving in with people again. That will be a good thing.  It will be strange, though, having to compress my life back into a single room again.  Granted, I'll be sharing living space, and I do plan on doing that. No more confining myself to the bedroom.  But I've been packing this week, and it's odd putting things away that have been in my line of sight for almost a year now, and not knowing exactly when I'll see them again.  Deciding what will travel with me, and what will be stored, and what will be discarded.

It makes for a moody Klae. :)  Knowing that I'll be spending quality time with Good People once the move is done is heartening, though.

But today I am moody, so cheer me up you people!  Make me smile!

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