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Some random thoughts before bed...

The auditions went well.  I don't think I'll be cast, but not because I didn't do a good job.  The amount of talent at the auditions was astounding, and I had a great time working with the folks who were there.

That's one of the great things about improv.  When you're doing it right, everyone is supporting everyone else, even in an audition situation.  You can immediately pick out the person who is trying to become the center of attention, and those are the people you don't cast.  By making everyone else look good, you demonstrate that you're a star.

So the audition was a good experience.  We'll chalk it up to that.

Somehow, between yesterday (Tuesday) morning and tonight (Wednesday) I put 250 miles on my car.  I have no fucking clue how.  Damn I need a job.

I'm back at NASA for another study.  This one is Wednesday mornings for 3 weeks.  I ran into one of the folks who ran the BIG study last month.  He recognized me, told me how great our group was to work with, and then went on his way.  That was nice.

Everyone I hang out with is in a couple.  I've been feeling very third wheelie lately.  It's not always a big deal, really, but sometimes... enh... it kinda sucks.  Being in a relationship right now, though, is the LAST thing I need.  Job, stability, repayment of debt... THAT'S what I need to do first.  But still... enh.

Okay, I'm dozing at the keyboard.


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