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Ya couldn't have just said all this on Thursday guys?

"This has nothing to do with what we think of you as performers."
"This is NOT meant to be a cut on you in any way."
"We're building a whole new troupe, and we feel that in order to be faithful to our vision, we have to start from scratch and build from there."
"What you do in the audition will in no way outweigh what we know you are capable of."
"The audition will be more for chemistry of the cast than anything else, so if something unspeakable were to happen it would have no reflection on your talent, only on what we want going forward."
"We know this isn't easy for you."
"WE wouldn't appreciate being in this position, and we thank you for putting up with us."
"You don't HAVE to be excited, because we know it's going to be hard for the next two weeks, but don't freak out."
"We're not asking you to respect us any more or any less for what we're doing."
"You are all talented performers and GREAT people, but we have to separate that out to do what we feel we need to do."

Ten points. No big deal. Four days ago they would have saved ten people ALOT of worry, though.


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