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Clean Bill of Health...

Or so says my doctor. My Cholesterol is low, my blood pressure is low, my weight is down (but not down to where I want it). Dr. Manto was pleased.

Last night, however, I was in heaven. I must, for the first time, give a shoutout to Johnny Foodmaster (also known as 'Foodbastard' 'Assmaster' 'Assbastard' and 'The Home of Not-So-Good Chicken'). I walked in there to get some butter, tomatoes and onions, and walked out with pirogues. Mmmmmmm... pan fried pirogues with onions, tomato sauce and sour cream is one of the HUGE vices I brought back with me from my exile in Pennsylvania. Actually, they're better deep fried, but I don't have a deep frier.

So that was my dinner last night and DAMN was it good.

Doing the dance of Hunky Food.

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