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I remember how excited I was when I got my first paycheck from the Improv Asylum.  Someone was giving me money to be funny on stage.  It was an AMAZING feeling. Granted, it wasn't MUCH money, but it was money, and it was steady.  I made more than triple my acting salary when I was teaching, but the concept of being paid to entertain was really phenomenal.

I remember holding the check I got for my first paid studio gig.  Someone paid me to sing for them.  They put me in a recording booth and I (along with uncletang) made music that someone was willing to lay down cash for.  Again, very cool.

Today I got my first check for acting on Television.  Another pretty damn cool experience, heightened by the fact that some of my Boston posse was here visiting (denyse and evilmagnus).

The experience was marred, however, by the fact that suddenly, Madeline refuses to go over 40MPH.  Ya know, sometimes I just can't win.

One step forward, two steps back

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