The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

So you understand why I am the way I am...

An IM conversation with my Aunt Elaine:

Klae: I shouldn't be off line.
Aunt Elaine: Well you are according to my machine , but it's lied to me before
Klae: That's odd.  Smack it up some.
Klae: I finally got a copy of the genealogy software I was using so I can read the damn files.  I assume you just want names of alive people, correct?
Aunt Elaine: I am giving it a new birth soon.  My telephone wires are screwed altogether and am rewiring the house.  Now why the fuck would I send an invitation to a dead and buried relative.
Klae: Hey, it's you, I had to ask. :)
Aunt Elaine: I didn't know you could keep an email address after you crossed over.  This is so John whateverhis name.
Klae: Yes, yes it is.
Aunt Elaine: I am going to go to bed and have lots of bad dreams and large belches due to a bad dinner from Marie Calendars.  Why I continue to punish myself and eat that shit I will never know.  Goodnight.
Klae: Goodnight.  Belch Well.
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