The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

"If anyone can make it happen, you can."

Someone (actually two someones) said that to me tonight.  It felt good.  I'm lucky to have wonderful friends who have confidence and faith in me.  Sometimes I forget that I do, and I'm sorry about that.

The holidays were much better than I expected them to be.  My nephews continue to be a source of amazement for me.  Seeing them grow and change is a wonderful thing.  They're so damn smart.

My folks got me a matte cutter for Christmas, so it'll shorten the time it takes for me to matte prints by half (or more-- less? more? wait...).  They wanted to get me the digital camera I've been pining over, but it just wasn't economically feasible with everything going on right now.  Honestly, I think I would have felt WAY too guilty if they had got it, so it works out better this way.  I'll start saving a percentage of my tips and will make it happen by summer, hopefully.

The job is nowhere near as horrid as I expected it to be.  Honestly, everyone there is awesome.  They've asked me to stay on after the holidays.  I start waiting tables in about 10 hours.  Not my dream job, but it's not telemarketing or Taco Bell. :)

So far 2005 is off to a pretty decent start, I think.

Keeping a positive outlook

First MemoryLooking out the picture window in our house in Maine.  I swore I saw Smokey the Bear
First AspirationTo be an orthodontist like the lady who fixed my jaw, Dr. Chu.
First DisillusionmentWhen Zan and Jana accidentally revealed their secret identities.  Or was that a dream?
First TripTent camped cross country when I was 5.
First Alcoholic DrinkBeer, bad beer. Age 4.
First LoveErin Brown.  I was in 2nd grade, she was in 1st.
First Vehicle1976 Buick Skyhawk.
First Thing I'd Save from a FireMy bible, printed in 1588.
First Impression I GiveSelf Confident (HA!)
First Thing I do with Time OffCatch up on sleep.
First Swear WordHeck.
First Time You Had SexApril 1986
First Words Out Of Your Mother In The MorningOh god...
First Celebrity You MetHarlem Globetrotters, in an elevator.
First Thing You Do When You Get HomeTake off my shoes.
Favourite TV Show (Present)Huff (it would be Dead Like Me if it hadn't been canceled)
Favourite FilmAmerican History X
Favourite Musical (Stage or Screen)Batboy
Favourite ColourForest Green
Favourite Musical ArtistJanis Siegal
Favourite Musical Act (Bands, etc.)The Manhattan Transfer
Favourite TV Show (Past)Dead Like Me
Favourite Ice Cream FlavourFrench Vanilla
Favourite SuperheroHarvey Birdman's sidekick, Peanut
Favourite Piece Of Clothing You OwnA fleece shirt missing two buttons
Favourite Song (At The Moment)Ma-na-ma-na do doooooooooo be do be
Favourite WeaponMy wit
Favourite Swear WordFuck
Favourite Alcoholic DrinkBelgian Beer
Favourite Time of DaySunset


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