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She blinded me with SCIENCE!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but for the first three and a half years of my college career I was an Aerospace Engineering major.

I stopped being one when I realized that I was spending more time with my calculator than with other people. And most of you who've met me in person know how much of a people person I actually am.

The science, however, has always fascinated me. If I could have been a theoretical scientist with no concern with publishing or tenure or money whatsoever, I'd be in heaven.

What brought this train of though on, you ask? Well, this morning I had to make a run to the Postal Orafice (and then, since I was out of the house anyway, a stop at Crackbucks). When I got into the car, my driver's side window was covered with a mesh of tiny droplets of water, left by the morning dew/mist/bay area funk. Beautiful in it's complexity, the mesh has no discernible pattern other than total chaos. And yet, after only a few moments on the road, the fluid dynamics of the air pressing against the window as the car reaches speeds of up to 45 mph causes all of the droplets to align in nearly straight rows, slightly off of vertical.

Shortly after that, they start to creep towards each other, eventually merging into larger droplets with a larger surface area, which causes more wind pressure across their surface which forces them to hurl along the window towards the back of the car picking up other droplets in their wake becoming larger and larger until they finally smash themselves against the foam edging of the window and disappear to whoknowswhere.

Anyway, the droplets on the window today were a reminder of my love of the magic of fluid dynamics.

Someday I'll design a plane. Just because.

It's poetry in motion

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