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"Or if you're Klae..."

Tonight we were doing an exercise in justification in class. I (try to) help by offering up options when the students can't think of them. After a while, as always, I clarify with "It's always easier to come up with stuff when you're out here watching rather than in the scene itself." Tonight one of the students followed that up with "Of if you're Klae..."

It's funny, but of all the things that I can do, I honestly don't consider any of them anything extraordinary. I firmly believe that everything I do, that I can do well, anyone can do well given the right amount of time, training and encouragement. Encouragement, of course, is the most important part of it. Getting yourself to BELIEVE you can do something makes actually learning it that much easier.

My father used to tell the story of the first time he tried to sing in choir. Apparently the nun in charge stopped everyone from singing and humiliated him for being a "monotone" in front of the class. He's never believed he could sing since.

When I was the Vocal Director for the international folk group I sang with in college, one of the new girls was someone most people would certainly call tone deaf. She was almost always a little sharp or a little flat. ALMOST. The more nervous or self conscious she was, the more sharp or flat she got. And so I worked on giving her as much encouragement as I could. And one rehearsal she finally just forgot about being self conscious and these amazingly beautiful notes came out of her. It was a song she'd been singing for weeks (months?), and for the first time, she got it, and grabbed it, and ran with it. It was at that point that I stopped everyone from singing and pointed out that if she ever stopped singing that way that I'd kick her ass. :) She didn't, and later went on to be Vocal Director for the group herself. (She later confided in me that she thought I hated her because I didn't make fun of her like I did everyone else... whoops!) But she did good work, and she's an awesome singer now.

BELIEVING you can do something is what's most important. At least from where I sit.

So sometimes, when I get alot of praise for something, I'm honestly astounded, because I just do what I do-- what ANYONE ELSE can do if they want to. I know I show off alot, with photos and mp3s and shit, but that's just me reassuring myself that I can actually do it. Shoring up any holes in my belief that I can do anything I set my mind to eventually.

I dunno, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe belief has nothing to do with it and I'm just the most amazingly multi-talented person in the world. Sheyeah, right! :D The only amazing thing about me is my belief in myself and what I can do. The rest is just trying until I get it sorta right.

I've almost convinced myself that I can fly

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