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Holy... holy... holy crap

So 99% of you know I used to perform Improv professionally in Boston before I moved to California.

One of the sketches we did was called Peanut Hunt. Some of you have seen me wearing my bright orange Peanut Hunt T-Shirt, and some of you actually saw me perform the sketch, too.

Peanut Hunt was a spoof on a children's television show (ala Zoom) wherein we played kids who couldn't act. The theme song of the show went thusly:

Everybody’s on a Peanut Hunt
Hopping and a skipping on a Peanut Hunt
Skipping and a running on a Peanut Hunt
Jumping and a laughing on a Peanut Hunt
Laughing and a singing having lots of fun
Cause….everybody’s on a Peanut Hunt

From there, we went into the weekly episode, where Jenny gets upset about someone telling her to put it in her hole, and her not knowing what her hole is. The song that followed was "Everybody count your holes."

Anyway, they took that 3 minute sketch and made it into a half hour pilot that they're shopping to the networks.

You can see the trailer here. (Turn the volume down, cause there are a couple swearwords in it)

Several of my old castmates (Harry, Kathleen and Jeremy), and my old directors (Chet and Norm) are in it as well as Ryan (the guy from the new KFC commercial where he's running and leaping over cars with the bucket of KFC under his arm) and Kristin, Eddie and Lisa (who are just really cool-- I performed with them occasionally too).

Anyway, you should check it out. It's all done on the Asylum's stage. It's big and quicktime. Not recommended for dialup.

Jenny just asked about her holes!
Asked about her holes you say?
Jenny just asked about her holes!
Asked about her holes today!
Everybody count Everybody count Everybody count your holes.

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