The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Workout for the mind, body and soul...

It's funny, but sometimes I forget to reign myself in when I'm teaching. The better my students are doing, the harder I am on them. I move farther away from Improv Cheerleader Klae and more towards Improv Drillseargent Klae. It's an amazing thing to watch them come out of their shells and start trusting themselves, and trusting their instincts. And I get so excited about them moving forward that sometimes I forget to provide that extra wind for their sails that EVERYONE needs now and then.

I feel so good coming out of that class. Tonight someone asked me why I don't get up and do scenes, and my reply was that I can't critique them if I'm IN them, which is true, but I learn so much more by WATCHING them and analyzing them. I don't want to sound cocky, but sitting there doing the critical (and constructive) deconstruction of a scene is almost like being in the scene myself. I try to find all of the options, all of the "could have"s, and all of the possibilities. My mind races as if I was part of the scene, but all the while I'm also holding on to 'notes' to give afterwards. It's invigorating for my brain. Like it just ran a 10K or something. I'm sure, if you could see it, I've totally got a washboard brain. A six pack like you would not believe. Or whatever the brain equivalent of that is. :)

"I predict that you will soon receive an invitation to begin building a skill you have always been destined to master" is what was told to me days before I was offered the opportunity to join the Touring Company at the Improv Asylum. Sometimes I doubt my 'mastery' of these things, but not on Sunday nights. Not after giving myself over to the knowledge and information and understanding that sometimes I'm not even aware that I have, and letting it out to share it with others. It is a truly awesome thing to participate in, and I'm damn lucky to have the opportunity.


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