The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Minor annoyances

So the other night at work I got a really good tip from a table on TOP of the 17% tip charge they got for being a table of 8. Now, I pondered the possibility that they might have missed the fact that "17% gratuity $46" was circled on the check, and the possibility that they missed the word "Included" written on the first half of the tip line on the credit card signature thing. But they were gone before I could actually ask them about it. So I went with it.

Well, it turns out they DID miss it. They missed both "You already tipped me" flags. They called the restaurant today, and the restaurant refunded them the $46 (the customers insisted on letting me keep the larger of the two amounts because the service was "great"), which will be deducted from my tip check. The question I have then is: Did the restaurant also adjust the amount that I tipped out my bus boys, or am *I* now stuck with the problem of over tipping THEM? I won't get an answer on that any time soon, I'm sure, but it annoys me. I can totally accept that the people were dumb (they were nice, but dumb) and have no problem getting them back that money, but me having to eat the 20% of that $46 that I tipped out to the bussers (granted it's only $9.20) just pisses me off a bit.

Now, maybe they DID go ahead and make that adjustment and I'm upset over nothing. But I'm doubting it.

I work hard for the money

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