The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Music that you never leave behind...

So I was hanging out with my friends J-Man and M-Money with their newborn son B-Diddy the other day... They have this set of videos that they play for B-Diddy called Baby Einstein. While he's barely 5 months old, the video incorporates vivid bright colors with seven or eight different languages, the theory being that if we don't hear certain glottal patterns when we're children, it's that much harder to learn to MAKE them when we learn other languages. Hence funny accents when speaking in a foreign tongue.

Well we were sitting around eating soup and grilled cheese when all of a sudden this funny little plastic clock comes on the tv and it starts playing this song in music box format. The song (I don't know what it is) grabbed me and caught the entirety of my attention. I knew it so well, and so intimately that I had myself believing I had possessed one of these plastic clocks when I was a child. But the design and construction was such that I *COULDN'T* have possessed one. And yet the music box song (which played a couple more times during the evening) constantly distracted me from everything else I was doing.

And then, finally, I remembered. It was a cup. A bright silver cup that had to be polished. There were designs etched in the side just below the lip of the cup. I want to say they were animals. I seem to remember a giraffe, but I'm not positive. There were also designs etched along the bottom of the cup, which was heavy because it was a music box. Every time you picked it up to take a drink that song would play. The pitch, tone, everything... the music box innards were the same as whatever soundtrack they were using for the plastic clock thing.

Now I want to know where the cup is.

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