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Sunday night grumpys...

"Awwwwwwwwwwwww, looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays..."

It just came early... was in a really good mood till recently. Cooked all afternoon. Three huge pans of Lasagne for Tuesday's Buffy premiere (If you want to come watch with us, give me a holler). Then I sat down to eat dinner and got all grumpy. Feh.

I guess I just got to thinking about how far out of my way I go to be considerate of folks and how I get very little of that in return. Or maybe I get a normal amount in return, I just put out an extraordinary amount. It usually my first priority to make sure what I'm doing doesn't interfere with other people's stuff, wether it's where I park my car, when I schedule a social gathering, or even who I flirt with. But I'll be damned if someone I know won't come along and steal the person I'm eyeing, schedule an event that conflicts with mine, or something else like that.

Just open your eyes as see who you're walking on before you go charging off into the future.

Maybe I'm too concerned. Maybe I should start thinking about me more and worrying about everyone else a little less.

I am the end! I AM THE END!!
Tags: dating, friends, fuck this

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