The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Rwanda Rwanda

Today I saw a Great film. Yes, that's Great with a capital G. It really should have a capital REAT, too.

I'm honestly incensed that the film wasn't nominated for Best Picture. Granted, it's not a Hollywood feel good film. It was amazingly heart wrenching. I've not been moved to tears in the theater for a VERY long time, and there were several points in this film were I found myself crying-- and not always for the same reasons. I cried from grief, from joy, and from shame. It... well, it's just a stunning film that says alot about our world today.

I think one of the more surprising things about it was Nick Nolte. He actually ACTED. And he did a great job. So did Joaquin Phoenix. There was a subtleness to his character, and one of the most moving lines of the film was one of his that almost seemed to be a throw away line, and I'm betting not everyone in the audience caught it. But it honestly summed up everything I was feeling at the moment. "God I'm so ashamed."

This was truly a film that fulfilled everything a movie should: It Enlightened, it Entertained, it Elevated my sense of awareness, it Educated me and it stirred my Emotions.

If Don Cheadle wins Best Actor, I will be happy.

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