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How I spent my Valentine's Day

This will be sent in the morning, after I've slept on it.


It’s just after 12:30 and I’ve just gotten home from what has to be the most miserable night of my employment with La Pastaia so far. While I’m pretty much done with the near outrage and anger of earlier in the evening, I still wanted to express my disappointment with how the evening went tonight.

First off, thank you for having me come in a half an hour earlier than scheduled. The extra time was definitely needed, but unfortunately was still not enough to get my “to do” list from the contract completed. I’m having trouble understanding why the two weakest servers on staff were put on a banquet in a situation neither of them had dealt with before and given little to no managerial support or advice on the situation and just left to hang in the wind. Granted, I’m sure none of the other servers wanted to give up what was sure to be bounteous Valentines Day tips, and as the two rookies we drew the short straw. But tonight I honestly felt abandoned by management, which is what precipitated my explosion on you (for which I apologize).

Getting a “to do” list nearly twice as long as usual in a situation where I don’t even have the luxury of a server station to work from started the evening off bad. Having other items barked at me that were left off the list, and having to deal with those while I was trying to figure out how to set up a server station in a back hallway two sets of doors away from where I was to be serving made it a little worse. Being given no advice on how to do this other than “Yeah, I hate doing banquets down there, it really sucks” over and over again pushed the scales a little farther. Going to the person who’s supposedly my supervisor for the evening with a question and getting “Did you READ all the change orders” instead of an answer didn’t help either. Having never had to fire a huge order for a banquet before (thank you for the orders before salad advice as well) and not even being told who to go to or when to do it added to the stress. Then, going to my supervisor again and asking for assistance and being told “I’m sorry, I don’t have time” just pushed me over the edge. I was infuriated at being abandoned by everyone upstairs.

No one came to check on us to see if we were going to be ready on time. I was *ASKED* if we were going to be ready, but since I had no idea what ::COWORKER::’s assigned tasks were, and I was still trying to figure out how to set up a server station in a hallway, I didn’t know how to answer. No one told us that we were supposed to keep a beverage count. We figured out that we were supposed to thanks to the contract, but we had no idea of how La Pastaia expected it to be done. No one told us who to go to if we had problems other than ::SUPERVISOR::, and she didn’t have time. When I asked her about a coat rack, she snapped that it was a hotel issue. Apparently I was supposed to know this. And then, after my explosion on you, walking into the server station and hearing her bitch to all the OTHER servers that she “knew it was going to be hard on them, but if they’d LISTENED to me they wouldn’t have had these problems,” really pissed me off. First of all, if she knew it was going to be hard on us, why weren’t we told? Second, what were we supposed to listen to? She told us NOTHING. Not a single word of advice was given to us that evening other than “Come to me if you have questions.” Which I did, and for which I received the reply “I’m sorry, I don’t have time.” Even something as simple as “Don’t forget you’re going to need a garbage can for when you’re bussing dishes,” would have been nice. Or perhaps a “Tonight’s going to be rough, do what you can, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” ::COWORKER:: and I went into this assuming it was going to be any other banquet. But as you pointed out, it was like nothing we’d dealt with before due to the location of the room. Two newcomers had to deal with the logistics of a plated banquet in an area with no real access to the kitchen with no help from the banquet manager.

::COWORKER:: confessed to me that she’s afraid to go to ::SUPERVISOR:: with questions because she doesn’t want to get yelled at. She’d rather go to you and hope that you know the answer. ::SUPERVISOR:: didn’t even stop in to check on us before she left for the night. We were on our own, and left to try to figure out how not to answer the bride and groom’s questions about the Bar Set up fee and the minimum charges. Did they need to sign something before they left? I sure hope not, because no one told us how the night was supposed to end. We only had a time.

Tonight sucked. I realize it sucked upstairs as well, but at least you had each other to fall back on. ::COWORKER:: and I were flying by the seat of our pants and dealing with a room full of people who constantly glared at us whenever we couldn’t bring them something they wanted immediately. Anything we had to go get was a MINIMUM three minute trip to go upstairs for, and we couldn’t leave the bar unattended because if we did they were behind it trying to help themselves. The whole night was disconcerting and uncomfortable to say the least.

As I said at the beginning of this overly long letter, I’m finished being pissed off. But I wanted to let you know just what a crappy experience tonight was and how disappointed I am with the way things were handled.

What really sucks is that ::SUPERVISOR:: is the person who got me this job, as well as someone I work with outside of work on creative projects, so this whole situation could cause some serious shit to hit the fan.

Tired and cranky as fuck

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