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Back to school (crossposted)

So I was invited to a performance of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown by my high school English/Drama teacher. She's now the principle of an arts high school, and this was their first Spring Musical. The arts high school is located in what used to be the county 9th grade "institution." All the 9th graders from all three high schools in the county were all shipped to this one location for a year. 1500 hormonal fourteen year olds. It was undoubtedly the worst year of my entire school career.

Walking into the building was interesting to say the least. Memories came back, buildings looked familliar, yet changed (it's been 20 years). I wanted to go exploring, but it's not really kosher to sneak around schools at night. So I had to settle for the auditorium. They've restored the auditorium to an AMAZING state. It looked phenomenal.

The show itself was good, although they had the keyboard turned up a bit too loud. During intermission, I found Erin, my former teacher, and we caught up (it's only been 17 years since I've seen her). She introduced me to some of her faculty as "Her Schroeder." Yeah, I played Schroeder in the show when she directed it in 1988. Unfortunately, I missed Craig (who played Linus) by one night. And as we were talking, I mentioned that I had just gotten a birthday greeting from Kim (who played Lucy).

It amazes me that there's still that bond. I actually talk with Craig (via email) occasionally, too. It amazes me that even though it's been 17 years since this show happened, I still remember lines and lyrics. It almost feels like yesterday. It also amazes me that when I played Schroeder, none of the kids in this show were even born. Oy.

I'm going to make a copy of the tape of our show (since I actually have it) and send it to Erin because her drama teacher wants to show it to the cast. We're also going to chat about me coming up to teach some Improv classes to her students.

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