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Cut the Americans some slack, yo...

Okay, so I'm tired of constantly hearing how Americans make horrible tourists and how we don't pay attention to local customs or try to dress appropriately for the culture we're visiting and all that shit. American's aren't the only ones who go traveling ignorantly, people.

Tonight I had four very well dressed Japanese businessmen in my section. They had alot of food, alot of wine, and racked up a bill of around $137 and change. Now, the service I gave them was no less than the folks who were consistently tipping me 15% to 20% tonight. And yet these four visitors to our country left me a grand total of $6 and change as a tip. Not even five percent.

Americans get called ignorant when they don't know the local customs. But when folks travel here and don't know OUR customs we're expected to write it off with "Well, you know, they're from WHERETHEFUCKEVER, they don't know." I call bullshit. I call double standard. If you expect me to act and dress appropriately when I'm abroad, then you best extend the same courtesy to me when you come visit my home.

You all know that I'm VERY open minded. You all know that I love to travel, and I do my damnedest to behave and absorb the culture of the places I visit. Fuck if this job isn't making me WANT to be an obnoxious American tourist, though.

I don't touch anyone on the head. I don't point at things with my feet. I don't eat using my left hand. I don't wear short pants. I don't wear leather in the temple. Your turn.

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