The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Ain't it the freakin truth!?!?!

You're about to enter a phase that will resemble Bizarro World, the fictional realm in Superman comics. It's a cube-shaped planet where everything is the opposite of life on Earth: Stupidity is revered, hypocrisy is routine, and nothing's regarded as true unless it's ugly. APRIL FOOL! The conditions I just described as characteristic of Bizarro World are actually pretty close to the values that prevail here on our planet. So while it's true that you'll be in a phase when everything's the reverse of normal life, that will be a very good thing. Compassionate intelligence will be revered. Many people will be painstakingly consistent in serving their high principles. Truth and beauty will often be found in the same place. Have fun!

All days are not the same. All opportunities are not equal. Sometimes, powerful alignments bring a dramatic change to our perspective. Sometimes, too, they present us with offerings that need to be seized as wholeheartedly and as immediately as possible. Jupiter's harmonious link to Uranus is your promise that today will be special. How special? Well, if there's a limit, it will be imposed by you and not by the cosmos!

My head is spinning. Thanks for all the love today. I appreciate it.


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