The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself


No, not me.

When I first got my fishtank and fish (thanks to kellyangel), I wanted an algae eater to help keep it clean. So I wandered to PetCo in Sunnyvale and picked up a Golden Algae Eater. Or so I thought.

The 12 Mollys that came with the tank slowly started vanishing, one by one, until there is only one sole survivor. I figured they died of old age and the Algae Eater cleaned up their deadness while I wasn't looking.

Well, today I stopped at a DIFFERENT PetCo, and discovered, much to my surprise, that the Golden Algae Eater I had purchased over a year ago was, infact, an Albino Rainbow Shark.

So my "Algae Eater" had been eating the Mollys as if they were TACOS! at a TACO! bar.

Now the lone Molly and the Albino Rainbow Shark have two new Gourami friends, and a REAL Golden Algae Eater to keep them company.

Behold, my fishy tale is complete.

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