The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

One Act x 5

Today I went to see the One Acts at Foothill. Several of my friends and acquaintances were involved in the productions, and kudos go out to all of them for some pretty cool work.

Of most important note are phoenix_heart and 13th_artist. phoenix_heart's play (she directed it) gelled better than all the others.  It was this dark and broody miasma (I like that word) of near constant motion.  The supporting characters embraced their parts wonderfully and did a great job of maintaining the energy and spirit of the show.  It was very well done, and she should be proud. There were folks that I knew in the show, too, and they were an enjoyment to watch.  Their passion for what they were doing was uplifting.

13th_artist's show was the last one to go up, and it was HYSTERICAL. Hands down, 13th_artist was the best thing there. She maintained the reality of her character throughout the show, and never stepped over the comedy line into "camp" at any point, which was awesome. I've seen her act before, but this was by far her best role. My only complaint was that the author of the piece should have done it as a full play instead of a one act. As a one act, there were far too many "important" characters. The show should have focused on 13th_artist's character and her husband, because they were by far the most developed of the characters. Everyone else was fun, of course, and maybe I'm prejudiced because I liked the work 13th_artist was doing so much I wanted to see more of her and less of everyone else. :)

It was also awesome to see katie_in_london face to face again. We only ever run into each other for these micro-encounters, and we have to keep re-introducing ourselves to each other. But the more friendly faces the better. During her piece, which was really cool as well, and probably the most MOVING of the five, she spouted off with this long diatribe of dialogue that just dumbfounded the whole audience.

Anyway, that's my review of the Foothill One Acts. If you have a LJ and read this and I didn't mention you, let me know, cause I probably spaced out since I'm so freakin tired and my new glasses (which, incidentally, look almost exactly like the old ones) are giving me a slight headache.

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