The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

There's this lady...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. My mother is a saint.

I can't even BEGIN to talk about all the wonderful things she does and all of the people she cares for. She teaches special education, and helps her students learn how to function in a world of people who usually won't give them the time of day. She works with the parents club for her students so that they have things like dances and parties, and all of the graduating seniors get to go on a trip somewhere (last year was a cruise to Mexico). She volunteers for a Kids' Turn, a charity to help kids whose parents are going through divorce. She volunteers with the Greyhound Friends helping to get retired racing Greyhounds adopted so they won't have to be destroyed. She's fostered several Greyhounds, and adopted several others herself (and not only Greyhounds). Every year she volunteers for the Redding Area Variety Entertainment Society. She has been a volunteer at Redding's only Community Theater for the last 24 years, and now sits on the board of directors there, which means at least one night a week, every single week, she is doing SOMETHING to support the arts.

And through all of this, she still has time to put up with me, my dad and my sister.

She's always smiling, and always has an 'I love you' ready for when you need it.

She never thinks of herself first. It's always about what she can do to help someone else.

If I turn out to be HALF the person my mother is, I'll have lived an amazing life.

Oh, did I mention she used to play in the 3 on 3 mens league at the YMCA with a legally blind guy and a midget*? And they kicked ass! All these cocky yuppie boys saw this woman, blind guy and midget* and thought they were going to have an easy day... but they thought wrong. Mom's a 3 point goddess. She used to be able to sink baskets from the end of our driveway OVER the 1971 Chevy Blazer-- all net.

I honestly am one of the luckiest people alive.

Momma's boy

*Okay, so he really wasn't a midget, but he was like 5'2" or something. And all three of them were over 40 at the time. Which means that it will still be 5 years before she's playing. ;)

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