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Cause Knowledge Is Power!

Some things I learned today (in no particular order)

My friends need to be more insistent about music.
I finally listened to the Scissor Sisters album today. I've only gone through it once, but I already feel sexier.

I'm a damn fine waiter.
Only six tables tonight, and I walked out with $154.01 in tips. It seems I average between 18% and 24% tips. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I underestimate my own skill as a photographer.
Apparently my pictures are better than I give myself credit for. Thanks to everyone for the feedback recently, by the way.

I like California and what I'm doing here enough to stay here and keep doing it.
So while I was in Boston my old company called and asked to meet me about the possibility of doing some contract work for them. Essentially, they wanted me to take care of the project that I'd been working on before I left that kept getting put off and put off and put off. So much so that I finally got bored and left. I met with them once, and had another phone conversation about it. And in the middle of writing up a proposal for them on what I would charge them to do it, I realized that I didn't *NEED* the job, so there was no reason for me to be playing the "try to guess the most that they'll pay you" game. And I told them as much. If they want me to put a huge chunk of my creative life on hold for them, then they need to convince me that I want to do it by laying out what they expect and how much they're willing to pay for it.

I have awesome parents and housemates.
I knew this one already, but I needed to reemphasize it. If it weren't for merlinofchaosTurk and esmerelCarla and my folks, I wouldn't have the ability to consider not jumping on the job. For that bit of freedom, I owe them the world.

Here endeth the lesson.

Happy guy

Thanks to two awesome ladies for helping me edit it. You know who you are. :)

Dear Former Work Peoples,

Thank you so much for meeting with me last week and for the follow-up call on Monday. It was nice to get back into the office, and see everyone.

I've spent most of the day trying to come up with a proposal for the [Insert Software Platform] rollout for you, and I've been having trouble making headway with it.

In Monday's discussion, you mentioned concerns about me making the rollout my first priority. I think this may be the crux of my issues. While the project would definitely be a priority, I honestly can't look at everything I'm currently working on and say "This isn't as important." I'm actually quite happy with the place my choices have taken me. If I were to continue on with exactly what I'm doing, I would be no worse off for it. I would be happy and still growing professionally and creatively.

If I'm going to put a huge amount of my creative life on hold for the next year or so, I need to know that I'm getting the most out of the experience that I can. While I do believe that the job would be a sufficient challenge to keep me stimulated, I need to have assurances that I would still have the freedom and flexibility to continue pursuing my own creative goals. In order to make an educated decision, I need to know your expectations in terms of commitment and what is offered in exchange for that commitment.

I understand that having a contractor come to you for your highest bid rather than the other way around is bound to be odd, but coming to the understanding that taking this job is not a necessity for me, but a choice has made me realize just how important my other pursuits are. Because of that, this isn't a position I can bid on, but rather, one that I need to be convinced to take.

If you choose to look elsewhere, I completely understand. If you would like to discuss options, feel free to contact me.


Teh Klae
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