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By limitedbythesky

TACOS! Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 13th February 2012
Best Album: 'Genips Simious Brawest' 1/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Surplus' 7/10 in the NME
Records Sold: 51,671 in total (32,370 albums, 19,301 singles).
Reputation: Known Locally
Groupies: mconnor has the remarkable tendancy to come on tour more than a lifetime of roadies.
Other'Neoliths Clonk Cringers Target' was denied airplay on MTV after the stations producers labeled the track as the most pretentious, worthless pile of shite since Paul McCartney's last solo single.

TACOS! Member Profiles


da_zhuang suffered a prolonged attack at the hands of a group of elderly women, who treated the TACOS! singer to a few well placed kicks to the groin. It is safe to say that da_zhuang is becoming more of a public hate figure than Hussein ever was.


To failbig, chords are merely a fashion accessory. Literally. According to recent insider reports they own about 100 pairs of them.

komos seems to be more capable at using their bass as a weapon than a musical instrument.

tarotchan's manages to make an epileptic speed freak from Inverness look co-ordinated.

Unable to diffentiate between the white and black keys, givemethewhip eased the dillema by pouring white paint over all of the board.

Single Releases

# Title Date
75 Adducer Mooter Aug 2005
84 Cropping Azole Sep 2005
79 Strung Pitching Regrows Quartos Nov 2005
96 Upclimb Jan 2006
N/A Cliquish Erewhile Jumpsuit Brigades Inroad Maravedi Aug 2007
N/A Waw Loner Trews Sep 2007
N/A Imperil Luminous Guanines Embrown Seisure Oct 2007
N/A Fibres Sep 2008
N/A Paras Ruggedly Plaiting Iteming Nov 2008
N/A Neoliths Clonk Cringers Target Jan 2009
N/A Surplus Jun 2010
N/A Slobber Aug 2010
N/A Wended Breasts Virology Teleman Ocellar Nov 2010

Album Releases

# Title Date
45 Reams Jun 2005
87 Weigelas May 2007
N/A Antigens Aerated Labrador Duteous Jul 2008
N/A Genips Simious Brawest Apr 2010

northern ireland's worst

By limitedbythesky

Dawson's Watch Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 11th December 2007
Best Album: 'Megass Nearby' 8/10 in the NME (Album of the Month October 2006.)
Best Single: 'Feazes' 8/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 2nd August 2005.)
Records Sold: 335,132 in total (176,374 albums, 158,758 singles).
Reputation: Regional
Groupies: piter_kenobi has been arrested on around 17 different occasions for stalking dirtymikesell. dirtymikesell is now on the verge of a mental breakdown.
Other'Sains Barbes Puddler Favourer Lurer Unsells' was unaminously voted Worst Single in the 2006 NME awards.

Dawson's Watch Member Profiles


I had a dream last night wherein Nelson Mandela was giving head to Michael Jackson. Oh how both parties wailed! And you know what? Listening to those two fucking is quite like listening to accruedfromage!


Listening to da_zhuang playing guitar is as pleasurable as having your tooth drilled at the dentists without anaesthetic

After wasting a truckload of cash on bass guitar lessons and reaping no benefits, khourytamarisk decided to make it much easier to play by cutting off all but one of the strings on their bass.

dirtymikesell possesses approximately 30% less musical talent than the average cumshot.

During live gigs mr_sarcasm specialises in masterbating during instrumental breaks and then coming in late for their part. It is safe to say that by the end of the concert that the keyboard is always sticky.

Single Releases

# Title Date
23 Feazes Aug 2005
N/A Sains Barbes Puddler Favourer Lurer Unsells Sep 2005
N/A Carted Shittims Pschent Stadias Nov 2005
23 Minikins Baronne Bub Primness Stirpes Jan 2006
14 Captains Slovenly Flavory Readout Dec 2006
12 Cleveite Jan 2007
13 Czardom Loggy Gonidia Feb 2007

Album Releases

# Title Date
62 Peerages Throat Unripest Grooves Pummelo Receives Jun 2005
13 Megass Nearby Oct 2006

northern ireland's worst

Well, they nailed dirtymikesell, didn't they?

By limitedbythesky

Trent's Village People Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 1st September 2011
Best Album: 'Scummers' 9/10 in the NME (Album of the Year 2008.)
Best Single: 'Burseed Malaises Shikaree Favors' 10/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 24th September 2008.)
Records Sold: 1,542,978,427 in total (231,383,067 albums, 1,311,595,360 singles).
Reputation: Legendary
Groupies: As a rather mean spirited practical joke gwyndyn informed senatorhatty that they were pregnant with their child. senatorhatty suffered a mild stroke shortly afterwards.

Trent's Village People Member Profiles


After a seemingly impossible amount of singing lessons, da_zhuang has developed a relatively reasonable singing voice.


Although prone to the odd bum note onstage, merlinofchaos more than compensates for this through their cool temprament and professionalism.

In a live setting, senatorhatty is by far the most charismatic. When both senatorhatty and merlinofchaos are on form Trent's Village People seem unstoppable, but admittedly this chemistry develops rarely.

esmerel has come on leaps and bounds since the band's formation in Jun 2005 and is now considered to be one of the most underated drummers in the country.

wildpaletz posseses a wealth of potential but rans the risk of never actualising it. They seem to spend more time in the tabloids with their latest criminal offence spread across the pages than at the keyboard practicing.

Single Releases

# Title Date
21 Skewered Staticky Foggier Kidlike Ecdysons Vagotomy Aug 2005
14 Prankish Fester Okays Objector Agenes Oct 2005
6 Peppery Spurned Crybaby Amethyst Scalars Mausolea Dec 2005
2 Nought Plinker Drab Stilted Flies Perlite Jan 2007
1 Skiagram Foreface Calctufa Mar 2007
1 Kalams Kerygma Needing Riotous Shelve Jun 2007
2 Unloaded Aug 2007
1 Lobstick Mind Manurer Feuded Sparred Get Aug 2008
1 Burseed Malaises Shikaree Favors Sep 2008
2 Plaques Helms Persons Wasp Voila Pliotron Nov 2008
1 Scouts Very Wanly Pyrolyze Whips Ordinary Nov 2009
1 Nauplial Educe Detoured Mothiest Dec 2009
2 Pilea Essayed Rompish Tatami Mar 2010
1 Uremic Smelled Moresque Suttees Cemetery May 2010

Album Releases

# Title Date
31 Porters Unmoved Expensed Plausive Pietist Jun 2005
1 Charry Stomatic Nov 2006
1 Scummers Aug 2008
2 Dispose Cappings Lopstick Yards Tranche Hyalite Sep 2009

northern ireland's worst

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