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But she looked like she was clean...

You ever have a relationship with someone, and then find out well into it that she (or he if your tastes run to danglers) wasn't as pristine and untainted as you once thought? And I'm not talking kinky or a little twisted in the sack. I mean physically tainted. A taint that could be passed on to you, impacting your health?

Today I found out that Madeline is a Gross Polluter. That's right. My car failed her smog check.

So the doctor is looking her over so that I don't die of The Smog.

I wish she would have told me. I feel a little betrayed.

The guy who really needs to stop anthropomorphizing relationships with inanimate objects... but then, is a car really inanimate? It does move... hmm...
Tags: life, madeline
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