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So ya wanna be famous (sorta)?

If you've looked at the Moron Life site recently, you'll realize that my OnStar Parody isn't posted there yet, just hosted. That's because it wasn't approved by our fearless leader, and I wanted his feedback on it anyway.

Well, the feedback came in, and I agree with him. All of the voices sound too much like me. That's mostly because they ARE all me. So what I'd like to do is replace the operator's voice with the voice of ONE OF YOU!!!

That's right. All you need to do is record the text behind the cut below in any computerized format and send it to me at clay (at) moronlife (dot) com. Don't worry about the quality, because I'm going to be distorting it to sound like phone voice anyway, so even windows Media Recorder and a cheapass microphone will work. Or, even easier, you can call my Gizmo account and leave me a voice mail with it. My Gizmo number is Clay27344733 (or you can call me from other VOIP networks, too. SIP#: 7four7-603-3one8one).

Leave 1 to 2 second pauses between lines, please.

Operator: On star emergency.

Operator: I've triggered the locks, you should be able to get in now.

Operator: Is there someone in the car locking the doors, sir?

Operator: No problem, sir, I'll contact her pimp.

Operator: Sir, we've got a situation with a ho-bag deployment on I80 near exit seventeen.

Operator: We appreciate that, sir. Please know we're here whenever you need us.

So have fun, I'll review them all and probably have Lon help me pick the winner.

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