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I usually don't put a WHOLE lot of weight into these things...

Pisces Wednesday, February 20th, 2002

Are you having difficulty with a relationship? Are you starting to feel isolated or ostracized? Sidelined? Marginalised? Insecure? Anxious? Unhappy? If so, you may well be wondering why your astrologer keeps saying that all is looking so good. Often though, when Venus arrives in a zodiac sign, it is unable to immediately spread light and love. First, it has to clear up any mess that stands in the way of positive progress. You may now be going through a difficult process but it is destined to have an extremely constructive outcome.

But last year, the week I Auditioned for the TC, my horoscope read that I would be "Offered the opportunity to perfect skills [I was] destined to master." So hey, let us hope that this is forewarning that it's gonna be allright...

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