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Jezus... it's almost funny...

Hey everyone-

Matt called me and said FUCK to me like 50 times and so I cancelled the interviews.

Actually, Norm, Chet and I walked over to the office and were like--why are we interviewing the TC, that's a dumb idea. We also remember that hey--we already told them they weren't going to have to interview.

We apologize for the confusion. We had to make some changes on the fly and we ended up saying things that didn't make sense when we actually thought about them. Big surprise, huh?

So bottomline is that the interviews for the TC are officially cancelled but if you would like to meet with us--like you had something really burning to say or something--please give me a call or e-mail.

Also, just so you know, Chet mentioned that you could turn sketches in not because we want to evaluate your work in that way but because he did not want you to feel offended that we had told the other auditioners they could show us sketches but we didn't explicitly say anything to you.

If you have any questions, I would, as always, encourage you to call me to talk about them.

Everyone did a great job today. I was really proud.


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