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International Acclaim

So I'm sure most of you are tired of hearing me yammer on about the whole Beer Activated Girl thing... but... well, I just can't stop.

Apparently it's been reposted to a German website, as well as a French one, and I'm getting alot of traffic from both places now, too.

Oh, and it's making the Live Journal Rounds. Yay publicity!!

Funny, though, after all that it's only been downloaded 151 times. Heh... only. Whatever, that's pretty cool! And it's 98 more times than the next most downloaded file on my site... robots.txt. :P


Oh, random update... there's a better quality Windows Media File of it up now, too. Less blurry, and smaller in size as well (8 Meg). Still not worksafe without headphones.

I'm going to keep editing this one, so I don't spam everyone... We're officially up on their site now, too:

Tags: funny, life, parody, rock!
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