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News on the "War on Making My Bedroom A Habitable Living Space" and other sundry things...

Current Score:

Bedroom: 1
Me: 5

Today's victory goes to me, but there is always tomorrow.

I've got this odd "missing time" feeling. When I pulled the load of underpants out of the drier, a folded up dollar bill fell out. I do not remember having anyone place a folded up dollar bill in my underpants at any point in time. Should I be worried?

So, you may ask yourself to ask me, you've been awfully quiet these last few days, Mr. Klae... what gives?

I am BEAT!

I've been going mostly non-stop since the NASA gig... was it last week? Who knows. Between restaurant, The Murder Mystery (FRIDAY NIGHT IF YOU'RE BORED PEOPLE!), Moron Life, The Jesters, and my own personal projects, sleep is like one of those friends that you're REALLY glad to see who you run into at lunch, but... crap, I've got an appointment, can we do coffee next week?!

Much brain power. Video Editing. Proposal Writing. Website Designing. Poster designing. Sound setuping. Website Redesigning.

I just took a break there because Mr. Microwave was telling me that the leftover chicken breast from work was reheated. Ohmygodittastessogood!!

Anyway, so yes, I've been running Amok making things happen. It's tiring, but it's that good kinda tired.

Another random thought here (I'm beginning to change topics like archanglrobriel-- I may have to start using wacky bullets)...

Why is it that the simple T-Shirt has become such an instrument of sentimentality.

I have too fucking many T-Shirts, and yet when I go to get rid of some of them, they remind me of a place, or an event, or of the person who bestowed it upon me, and the only ones that end up in the "rag" or "Salvation Army/Goodwill" pile are the ones that DON'T FREAKIN EXIST.

So yeah... tasty chicken.

But that one point the bedroom scored was right on my toe, which is bleeding, so I'll be off my feet for a while cause it makes with the owie to walk.

Here TiVo TiVo TiVo!!
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