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News on the "War on Making My Bedroom A Habitable Living Space" and other sundry things...

Current Score:

Bedroom: 1
Me: 5

Today's victory goes to me, but there is always tomorrow.

I've got this odd "missing time" feeling. When I pulled the load of underpants out of the drier, a folded up dollar bill fell out. I do not remember having anyone place a folded up dollar bill in my underpants at any point in time. Should I be worried?

So, you may ask yourself to ask me, you've been awfully quiet these last few days, Mr. Klae... what gives?
THIS gives...Collapse )

But that one point the bedroom scored was right on my toe, which is bleeding, so I'll be off my feet for a while cause it makes with the owie to walk.

Here TiVo TiVo TiVo!!
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