The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

What the holy crap?

So I peeked at Moron Life's August stats just now...

For the period of 8/1 to 8/23:

Listing the top 20 hosts by the number of requests, sorted by the number of requests.
#reqs %bytes host
11659 2.78% This is me, doing all the editing and uploading
1146 0.10%
1029 0.53%
1009 0.02%
793 0.42%
729 0.04% This is me, checking with my other machine
602 0.08%
511 0.12%
422 2.87%
395 1.26%
393 0.10%
369 0.22%
333 0.09%
316 0.08%
274 0.53%
273 1.01%
268 0.03%
266 0.04%
257 0.34%
227 0.16%
39579 89.17% [not listed: 1,407 hosts]

1,407 other UNIQUE hosts?! WHAT THE FUCK?! It's dumbfounding that the number has grown so much. Last month it was 922, the month before, 599... but 1427 total?! Holy crap!

Apparently Beer Activated Girl is STILL making the rounds of different Dresden Dolls fan groups, which is AWESOME. I've been scouring LJ for mentions, and enjoying people's reactions to it. Most of them just express the fact that it made them laugh alot it, but some actually compliment the work we did on it, and how it was put together. THAT really rocks.

So, anyone know if it's possible to install other stats packages on DreamHost servers? It's not that I don't trust theirs, but... I want a second opinion. :D

Maker of traffic and Beer Activated Girls
Tags: moronlife, rock!

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