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Coming down from the geekdom...

Alot of folks wonder why I go to things like Dragon*Con. Sure, I'm a Sci-Fi fan, but I'm not the "Spock Ear Wearing Geek" like some. Nor am I an obliviously obsessed fanboy about any particular thing. What it boils down to is this: My Friends

I have some phenomenal friends from college, and whom I've met online, and Dragon*Con is an opportunity for us to be in the same place, see each other, have fun, and enjoy ourselves all at the same time. This year, I was lucky enough to get to see blh120, closer2myself, fwod, gwyndyn, hannas_kiwi, agoodshinkickin, melibabe, piter_kenobi, and stellabambino.

There was much good fun to be had, of course. Highlights:

  • Meeting/Interviewing the guys.

  • Getting a shoutout from MC Chris (Hesh on Sealab 2021) for Moron Life.

  • Seeing the Serenity Cast.

  • Getting to talk with chaodai (he's a supervising producer on Lost).

  • Hanging out with melibabe and her cats pre and post con.

  • Getting to be on stage doing Improv with fwod.

  • Learning about Anachronism.

  • Chocolate Banana Peanutbutter Bread Pudding at the HardRock Cafe.

  • The Guest Suite with free food/drinks on the 17th floor.

  • Running into the guys in the hall and them remembering my name.

  • Getting to perform in the WhoseLine finals without having to worry about winning.

Things I learned:

When I first met Ann C. Crispin back in the early 90's I thought she was pretty cool. I ran into her thrice at Dragon*Con, and learned the truth. That woman is either the most pro-active author in the world, or she's a selfcentered, needy, obnoxious twat.

In the question session on a panel on Lost, someone was in the back of the room raising their hand and jumping up and down to the point where the panelist AND the host had to keep saying "We've got you written down, it's okay, calm down" REPEATEDLY. Turns out it was Crispin, and all she wanted to say was "I'm a writer, and if you ever do any Lost novels, I want to be considered to write one." At which point she barrels down the middle of the aisle waving her card in the air, hands it off, and then just walks out.

But all in all, it was a good time. I have signed StrongBad Email DVDs now. That makes me happy.

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