The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

The Happiest of Holidays

I left my folks house a little stressed out tonight.  I spent most of today and yesterday hooking up all the new electronic gadgets that Santa brought, which was mostly my own fault since I upped their TiVo allotment from 1 to 3. I was stressed because it took longer than anticipated, and I didn't get everything hooked up the way I wanted to.

But on the drive home, I reflected on the NON attic-crawling, computer rebooting stuff that I did, and I was once again reminded of just how fucking lucky I am.

I think the most amazing thing about my family is that they'll drop everything to answer a distress call.  It's like they're the Justice League for the underprivileged.  And it's not like they're that privileged themselves, but nothing else matters when there is warmth and love to be shared with people who need it.

Christmas dinner was the prime example.  Of course my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and nephews were there.  But also present was skooterbuns, who is by all rights my adopted sister now.  R, my godmother's middle son showed up, knowing there would be an open seat at the table ("I was going to call, but figured it would just annoy you to have to tell me that I could show up.") And the two ladies from down the street, P&J, who have been our neighbors for nearly 20 years now, and who spend every Christmas with us rather than their own families.

And the thing is, the sense of love while we all ate and laughed was a palpable thing.  Everyone in that room was not only happy to be there, but was happy that all the other people were there, too, related or no.

Dinner finished, and the group broke off into smaller groups that dispersed around the house, but everyone moved between the other groups to spend a little time with everyone else.  skooterbuns's new boyfriend and his best friend (whose wife was working a 4 day fire department shift) showed up for desert, and when the elders retired, the youngers send the children into the TV room and proceeded to place "Mexico" (it's a dice game) and get a little plastered.

It was the first time I'd actually been drunk with my sister since we were 10 and 12 and attended the opening of a friend's flower shop where-in everyone there fed us champagne.

Maybe I say this too often, but it amazes me just how wonderful my family is.  I mean, if you've met me, and you think I'm a generous and giving person, I'm NOTHING compared to this group of social misfits.  And it makes me love them even more. 

No matter who or what you celebrate this time of year, I hope that someone or something shines upon you and makes your 2006 a phenomenally wondrous 2006.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and know that I think the world of each of you.

Bring us together when winter winds blow
When from the path we run
Heavenly father in faith let us grow
God bless us, everyone
    -Tiny Tim
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