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President Mom...

Every Italian boy swears that his mother is a saint.

Mine... she's a President AND a Saint.

I grew up working in a theater in a warehouse in my hometown. It started with a group of a dozen or so people. The place could barely pay it's rent. Shows weren't that well attended. But my family was there, volunteering their time. Dad directed and designed sets. My sister and I acted and ran crew (I stage managed my first show at 13). And Mom cleaned toilets.

That's all she ever did. Swept floors and cleaned toilets. The jobs no one else wanted to do.

Fast forward 20 years.

The theater is running in the black. Shows are selling out, and they usually have at least 3 buyouts during the run from local businesses. They have corporate sponsors. Things are going well. And mom decides she's tired of hearing people bitch.

She takes over as 'house manager'. So basically she's in charge of getting people to sign up for ticket booth and bar duty. She keeps the fridges stocked. She's uber-organized, and does a great job.

They elect her Vice-President of the Board of Directors. Twice.

Well, the President of the Board just sold her house and moved out of town, so mom has to step up to the plate and be President until the next election in August.

It's been less than a week and she's already gone in with the machine gun to undo all the crap the last powertripping president did over the last year and a quarter. She's giving the responsibilities of running the place back to the Board Members and the Staff. She's fixing things that were so broken politically that people opted to leave the theater. She's already given one whiner the boot. He didn't want to do the programs 'for free' anymore. So she fired him.

My mom is so fucking cool it's not even funny.

I have a mom with
Uninterrupted prosperity
Who used a machete
To cut through red tape

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