The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Well, folks, during the month of March, Moron Life passed our 100,000th download since we started this whole thing.  As of 3/31 we're at 117,000 downloads of our stuff.  That's something to be proud of.

We had over 17,000 unique visitors to the site during March.  Again, go us.

Here's some stats on what's been popular (some stuff is listed more than once because there's more than one file format):

Beer Activated Girl    48,719
Google Girls (mp4)        3578
Imagine        2932
World's Worst Dictator        2405
Superchicks (mp4)        2162
Republican Eye (mp4)        2110
Monkey (musical guest)        2069
Suckerpops        2008
Version 2 Trailer        1955
Armless Chef        1931
Roommates        1778
Bail Bonds (m4v)        1738
Hot Mimes (mov/mp4)        1700
Candy Knockers (mp4)        1674
Call to Ruin (musical guest)        1642
Fanbango (mp4)        1584
Oh Yeah!         1573
OnStar (mp4)        1544 (mp4)        1522
Obvious Profiler        1483
SMiGJ        1481
HomeStar Runner Interview (mp4)        1474
Achorade        1453
Freddy Prinze Jr. Kicked My Ass (mp4)        1441
Fantasy Football Forum (mp4)        1350
The Terminal (mp4)        1310
Fish Out of Water - Gag Reel        1304
The Pagent Sketch (mp4)        1252
Moron Life 101 (w/HSR intro)        1225
City Planning (mp4)        1185
JBM Interview (mp4)        1164
MOAN (mp4)        1152
Empire of Hurt        1112
Kapow! (mp4)        1111
Superchicks (mov)        1090
Wondercon Short        1048
Fish Out of Water - Guam (mp4)        1030
Captain Paul Segue        1027
Fish Out of Water - Barfly (mp4)        1026
Home Cookin 1        959
Home Cookin 2        664
The Fart Sketch        657
Moron Life 101        580
Beer Activated Girl (music)        520
Google Girls (mov)        394
Candy Knockers (wmv)        377
Record Store Snob        350
OnStar        337
Freddy Prinze Jr. Kicked My Ass        298 (wmv)        287
Republican Eye (mov)        269
MOAN (mov)        222
City Planning        185
Hot Mimes        184
Fanbango        176
The Terminal        161
Fantasy Football Forum        150
Moron Life 101 (short version)        148
Bail Bonds        126
Candy Knockers (mov)        116
Kapow! (wmv)        109
Beer Activated Girl - edit (music)        96
The Pagent Sketch (wmv)        94
The Pagent Sketch (mov)        90        88
Fish Out of Water - Barfly        81
Fanbango (wmv)        76
Fish Out of Water - Guam (mov)        72
HomeStar Runner Interview        69
JBM Interview        52
Tags: moronlife

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