The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

How I'm Related to Charlemagne

Discovered that my friend Drew and I are both descendants of Charlemagne. He (Drew) is my 39th cousin, thrice removed...

Chucko, Emperorer of the Holy Roman Empire (742-814)
Louis The Pious (~799-840)Peppin (Carloman) King of Italy (773-810)
Bernard, King of Italy (797-818)
Charles II The Bald (823-877)Peppin II Quentin Count of Vermandois (818-840)
Louis II "T he Stammerer" King of France (843-879)Herbert I Count of Vermandois (848-902)
Adbelahid e Princess of France (856-?) m. Ranulph II Count of Poitiers (855-890)Herbert II Count of Vermandois (884-943)
Ebles II De Poitiers (876-935)Adaele De Vermandois (910-960) m. Arnoul I Count of Flanders (889-964)
Guillaume III Duke of Aquitane (929-963)Baudouin III Count of Flanders (933-962)
Adbelahid e Princess of Aquitaine (952-1004) m. Hugues "Capet" King of France (939-996)Arnold II Count of Flanders (941-987)
Robert II " The Pious" King of France (972-1031)Baudouin IV "Le Barbu" Count of Flanders (967-1039)
Adaele Princess of France (1003-1079) m.
Baudouin V Count of Flanders (1012-1067)
Matilda Queen of England (1031-1083) m. William I "The Conquorer" (1024-1087)
Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England (1068-1135)
Robert "The King's Son" De Caen (1090-1147)
Maud Fitzrobert (1120-1189) m. Ranulph "De Gernon" De Meschines (1099-1153)
Hugh of Kevelioc Earl of Chester (1147-1181)
Mabel De Meschines (1173-?) m. William D'Aubigny (1165-1221)
Nicole D'Aubigny (1210-1240) m. Roger De Somery (1208-1273)
Margaret De Somery (1229-1293) m. Ralph Basset (1215-1265)
Ralph Bassett II (1242-1299)
Margaret Bassett (1280-1336) m. Edmund Stafford (1272-1308)
Ralph de Stafford (1301-1372)
Hugh Stafford (1334-1386)
Catharine Stafford (1376-1419) m. Michael De La Pole (1361-1415)
Phillippa De La Pole (1360-?) m. Hugh Burnell (1357-?)
Edward Burnell (1382-?)
Katherine Burnell (1404-?) m. John Radcliffe (1402-1441)
John Radcliffe II (1426-1461)
John Radcliffe III (1451-1496)
Robert Radcliffe (1475-1542)
Humphrey Radcliffe (1505-1566)
Edward Radcliffe (1535-?)
Eleanor Radcliffe (1552-1628) m. Henry Whitebread (1550-1598)
Alice Whitebread (1571-1628) m. Gerard Spencer (1576-1646)
Michael Spencer (1611-1653)
John Spencer (1638-1684)
Susannah Spenser (1681-1733) m. Richard Briggs (1675-1732)
Francis Briggs (1703-?)
Peleg Briggs Sr. (1729-1807)
Peleg Briggs Jr. (1765-?)
Esther Briggs m. William Hall Jr.
Anna Hall (1813-1875) m. Abram Lain R* (1810-1882)
George W. R* (1836-1910)
Herbert R* (1874-1914)
Leon Harley R* (1904-1984)
Paul Herbert R* (1940- )
Clay Steven R* (1971- )

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