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Finally, a post with substance...

So I've not provided a serious update since May 10th, when all of the awesome went down.  Sorry about that.  It's just been wicked fuckin' busy and crazy and shit.

So where were we... May 10th... yeah.

By May 11th, I had the placeholder website for my January show up and running, and I'd ordered postcards to use as advertising when we went to KublaCon over Memorial Day Weekend.

Mother's Day Weekend was Chock-Ful-O-Restaurant.  I managed on Friday, pulled a double on Saturday, and pulled a double on Sunday (8AM to 10PM).  We had over 500 people come thru the restaurant on Mother's Day-- 300 for Brunch and 200 for the Sharks game that night.  I made a boatload of cash, but to the detriment of my health.  Monday (the 15th for those keeping score) I was fevered, and by the afternoon couldn't stand up without a blinding headache knocking me back down.  Talk about the suck.  I was so sick I didn't even make the production meeting for Moron Life.

By Tuesday I was mostly whole again, and returned to Restaurant for waiting goodness.

I had Wednesday and Thursday off, was scheduled for a banquet on Friday and then was off Saturday and Sunday, so the plan was to work on the car W/Th, work F, drive to see the folks on F-night, come home on Su. So I spent all of Wednesday out of doors working on Madeline.  Since my insurance company just sent me a check for $450 to cover the break-in damages, the intention was to get her prepped for a new window, so I pulled out the passenger seat, cleaned out all the broken glass, pulled the dashboard apart to fix the parts that had been ripped out... And Thursday was going to be "put it all back together day."  Except for the fact that M called from the restaurant to ask me to work Saturday because one of our waitresses was rear-ended by a drunk driver (who turned out to be drunk AND on drugs) and she was out of commission for at least a week.  So my plans immediately changed.  I loaded all the various parts of my car (except the passenger seat) back into my car and immediately drove up to see my folks.

All day Thursday was spent working on Madeline with my dad, then working on some computer stuff for dad when it was too hot to be outside.  We put in the blinking alarm LED on my dashboard (sans alarm, shhhhh), fixed the rest of the dash, hardwired in my new phone charger and stuff.  And then I drove back down at the asscrack of dawn on Friday, since I had to work at 3:00.  Which actually turned out to be 4:00, but LB forgot to tell me the time had changed.  I gave her shit.  But it was all okay, cause I got alot of stuff done and had some time to relax before the very boring party started.

Saturday (we're up to the 20th now) was a typical day and typical night at the Restaurant.  Unremarkable in that I can't really remember the day much.

Sunday we spent nine hours shooting a series of six sketches for Moron Life.

It was an assload of work, but I think it'll come out pretty damn good.

In a bizarre twist of scheduling, I spent the 22th to 25th on days at the restaurant, which was actually kinda fun.  Of course I had no clue what to do with my free evenings, but hey... whatever works.

Memorial Day Weekend I spent with merlinofchaosTurk and esmerelCarla (mostly Carla) at KublaCon up in Burlingame working the booth for Z-Man Games.  I'd gotten in the postcards for the show, so we set them up with the games that the show is based around, and got alot of positive response from people who were looking forward to seeing what we were going to do with the show.

My parents were also in town for my dad's Navy reunion.  They just happened to be staying in a hotel down the street from the Con, so I crashed with them Friday night and Sunday night.  Saturday I spent at home working on dad's computer and installing a new 300 gig harddrive in it.  Lemme tell you, Windows is a huge pain in the ass when it comes to cloning disks.  Fucking GUI drive letters that differ from what they should be can cause the whole system to lockup as soon as the GUI kicks in and the C: drive suddenly becomes the I: drive.  But anyway, I got that finished by 4am, and was back in Burlingame by 9AM.

The Con, on the whole, was alot of fun.  Our booth was near some other awesome folks we'd met at GenCon So-Cal, so there was ALOT of laughter and fun.  The woman with the booth right behind ours turned out to be Newphew H's 1st Grade Teacher's Sister-In-Law.  And Teacher showed up for the last day of the Con to pick up her son who was assisting in the booth.

Many new games were discovered, including this AWESOME game that's like Othello, but with magnets.  You have to float magnets on the magnetic fields of other magnets.  Tres sexay.

Tuesday (the 30th!!) I spent the afternoon with esmerelCarla, as she took the day off.  We went to the mall and had Ivar's for lunch. Mmmmmmmmm. I was back at the restaurant for the pre-Madonna concert rush that night.  Holy hell.  It was the cranky-rude customer night.  We actually had a table stealing deserts off the desert line and hiding the plates behind a curtain.  We charged them for everything they ate.  Assmonkeys.  On the up side, though, I walked out with like $160 in tips after all was said and done.

Wednesday night was the jokey happy Madonna crowd.  I had a lot of fun tables, but only made about $130 bucks.

Thursday, I was on day shift, and we had Psycho-Lunch-From Hell.  I made $260 before tipping out, and walked with about $185.  It was totally insane.

That night, however, I blew the entire $185 when we went to Alexander's for esmerelCarla's birthday.  Oh my god... soooooooo tasty.  We had the sampler of 4 different Kobe steaks.  That alone cost like $395, but let me tell you, the tasty was totally worth it.  One of the steaks was an 11 on the 12 point Japanese scale of beef (Filet Mignon in America rates a 3 generally, and there were no 12s this year).  The wine, side dishes, and deserts... all freakin fantastic.  We were there for three fat and happy hours.

Which brings us (finally) to yesterday.

I got up and scoured bottles so that I could bottle the beer that was brewed back in February.  Ran to the brewstore to pick up supplies.  Sanatized bottles.  Got a gig with the History Channel doing a voiceover for The Plot to Kill Jesse James.  Bottled-- WOAH, what?!  Yeah, I was just as surprised.  Ran out to pick up Deadwood Season One so I could master the drawl.  THEN went back to Bottling the beer.

And that's pretty much the last 20 days.

And as if that wasn't enough, another couple other things have happened that are potentially The HAWSOME!, but they're not done deals yet, so I can't really talk about them.

Hope you're still awake there.

Mr. Sore Fingers
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