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Dear iTunes...

Who do we have to buy beer for to get our Video Podcast added to one of the Featured sections in the Music Store?  Cause seriously, we're here in San Jose, and we'll totally buy you beer.  Hell, I'm a homebrewer... I'll *MAKE* you beer if that's what it takes. :)

Producer, Moron Life

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.

I did a little research and was able to locate an article providing information regarding adding podcasts to iTunes, having a podcast featured on the iTunes Music Store, as well as many other resolutions to podcast questions.  This information can be viewed by referring to the following link:

Please review the following excerpt from this article:

At iTunes, we’re constantly on the lookout for podcasts that are breaking new ground with this medium, have new or unusual content, or just capture our interest. When we find them, we like to feature them on the Podcasts home page. While there are no sure-fire ways to get your podcast featured (and no, we do not accept payments for promotion), there are some minimum requirements. To be featured by iTunes, podcasts must have:

An attractive, original image that does not include the iPod or other Apple-branded content. For image specs, see the iTunes Image section below.
A robust and accurate description.
Proper language, category, and explicit tagging.
In addition, featured podcasts must be regularly updated with new episodes. We occasionally feature a podcast after its first episode, but we generally like to see podcasts with at least 3 episodes, and we like to see that the most recent episode has been added in the past month. Ideally, the episodes should be released on a regular and predictable basis. More than 100 podcasts are submitted every day, so it is impossible to feature all of the good ones.

I hope this information helps resolve any questions you have for getting your podcast featured on the iTunes Music Store.


iTunes Store Customer Support

Okay, Billy... I'm offering to BRIBE you.  Apparently you don't get that.  I want to ply you and perhaps a few of your co-workers with alcohol so you'll give me some face time on your damn product.  I've more than met all of your requirements, unlike MANY of your featured pieces.  Cut a guy some slack, huh?  You'll get free beer out of it!!

Wits End
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