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There is nothing to write here...

But I feel the need to communicate right now. So I'm going to ramble a bit until I finger out what I want to say. Which may turn out to be nothing at all.


Yeah, right.

Ever woke up ten minutes before your alarm, wide awake and ready to start the day then said "Fuckit" and went back to sleep only to sleep in far too long?

I do that every morning lately.

I have NO motivation to come to or participate in activities at my office. I've got that 'week before vacation' syndrome, only it's still 38 days till I leave for Nepal.

THEN, everyone's trying to talk me out of going... well, not everyone, but the 'mother/sister' figures in my life... Secretaries at work, my real sister, some of my less adventurous female friends.

Could you imagine how they'd flip if they knew that Kathmandu is less that 1000 miles from Kabul?

I'm not crazy. I'm not brave. I want to go on vacation. I want to hike to Everest Base Camp. I want to go white water rafting. I want to visit Buddha's birthplace. I want to fly in a jet at 28,000 feet and get to within 5 miles of the peak of Everest. I want to wander the markets bargaining for things to take home with me. I want to be somewhere that's not my normal boring life for a while.

If I don't get to go, I could get homicidal.

If I don't get to go, you guys better get me some serious lovin' so I don't explode like a 10 ton nuclear bomb.

If I don't get to go we're getting REALLY drunk.

Fuck that! I'm going. Goinggoinggoinggoing.


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