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#79: Zero to Busy in 60 Seconds

So there was a strong possibility that I was going to have the entire weekend off.

I'd asked for Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from the restaurant because of a shindig at NASA (did I mention that I'm kinda sorta working part-time at NASA now? No? More on that later.). But as of Yesterday, I'd not gotten confirmation that the event that I was supposed to assist with was actually happening. So I figured I'd be free.

But then, yesterday, I got a call from my casting agent (hey, did you know I had a casting agent? No? More on that later.) asking if I was free for a shoot for Safeway on Friday.

Okay, so I wouldn't be TOTALLY free for the weekend, but still... the last Safeway Shoot I did was fun, and it's more resume fodder. It's only extra work, but I'm doing my time, and will likely be in the running for principal roles in the not too distant future.

So today, after I get back from my hike to Bumpass Hell with dad, I get the information on the shoot (12:30 PM in Salinas) and a message from NASA saying, "Oh, yeah! We need you at 5:30 [in Mountain View] if you're still available." Which means they also need me Saturday and Sunday.

So... yeah, Zero to Busy... granted it was a little more than sixty seconds.

Sleep is for wimps.
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