The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

At the asscrack of dawn...

Why lonespiritwolf2, technocowboy and I should never be allowed to be alone in a car at 6:30AM...

The car bounces a bit due to San Jose's awesome roads.
J: OUCH!  My Ovaries!
Me: What do you call the reproductive organs of a cowgirl?  WOAHvaries!

And it just got worse from there, with all of us chiming in.
A lesbian: 'movaries
A butch lesbian: Joevaries
A midget: Lowvaries
A Broadway star: Showvaries
An Opera star: Madame Bovaries
A waitress in a diner: Flovaries
A LPGA winner: Provaries
Margret's: Chovaries
A gardener: Growvaries
A Miner: Belowvaries
A coke fiend: Blowvaries
A prostitute: Hovaries
A stewardess: Stowvaries
A muppet: Groveries
A baker: Doughvaries
A counterfiter: Fauxvaries
A race car driver: Govaries
A virgin: Novaries
A homeless woman: Povaries
A crew member: Rowvaries
A chef: Stovearies
A Simpsons' uberfan: D'Ohvaries
A Chernobyl victim: Glowvaries

There are probably some I missed, cause it WAS 6:30AM... feel free to add to the list.

So NOT funny before noon

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