The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

A Meme to Combat the Mood

Not to disparage the heroes of 5 years ago, but instead, to focus on something positive today:

If there is one or more people on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist post this same sentence in your journal.

  • aelfsciene: A little blue (now pink!) ball of fire who always makes me laugh. Thanks for being you.

  • aimeric: We've never really interacted face to face, but you're an improviser, and a good person-- may the force be with you on your job hunt.

  • animated_max: You, sir, make me feel sane beacause you're SO much farther out in left field than I am.  And I think that's awesome.

  • archanglrobriel: Artist, poet, and whatever the qualifies as a universal saint.  Bless your beautiful soul for all it's artistic endeavours.

  • astalavista: You are so much more awesome than you give yourself credit for.  If you only knew how much you make me smile, you'd be amazed.

  • atalanta: Beautiful, brilliant, and you make Sean so very happy.  Thank you for being you.

  • atomsplitter: I wish you still hung out here, because I miss hearing about your life regularly.

  • bbbsg: If only we'd met before I left Bawston.  I would have loved to have gotten to hang out more.  You and your man always make me smile, though.

  • bhoneydew: It took me forever to connect the on-line you with the real life you, and once I did, it made SOOOO much more sense.  Thank you for being a friend-of-a-friend, and an awesome one to boot.

  • blh120: Muh. So much to say, so many ways to say it.  I'm glad you're still part of my life, though. 

  • bripadme: Meliss was right, of course.  You're the awesome, and I'm glad I got to know you.

  • burkean: The smartness never ends, nor do the brilliant insights. You continually awe me with your observations and intelligent commentary.

  • bushidokelt: A good soul sacraficing itself to do good work in an iffy arena.  That's the true definition of hero.

  • c_m_i: The most distant cousin I know, and we were even friends first.  You know grampy Charlie brought us together for a reason.

  • cayetana: Beautiful and smart.  You need to post more, dammit.

  • chaodai: It was an honest pleasure getting to meet you, and I'm glad you're offering up the insights into your world for us to see.  Thank you.

  • chillguru: I've said it before, but I'm not sure WHY you and your lady fascinate me so.  But I'm glad you do, and I'm glad you dont' mind.

  • cinemama: SSSSSSSSSSSSSEXAY!  And awesome.  And smart.  And cool as hell.

  • closer2myself: You're a strong woman, and it gives me hope to know that even though life isn't perfect, you don't give up.  Keep fighting, because you're closer to your dreams than you realize.

  • cosmicserpent: On the list of "good people who don't want it known that they're good" you're right at the top of the list.  I'm glad I got to figure that out.

  • couplingchaos: Another of my beautiful friends.  You sparkle on the inside with amazingness-- let the world see more of that.

  • cspariah: When they finally do build the temple to you, I want to be the one to smash the champage on the outside.

  • cygnoir: You're fascinating, but you don't post enough!

  • cyranocyrano: Brilliant is too dull a word to use when it comes to your creativity and phenomenal mind.

  • denyse: Through all the people we knew in common through so many different avenues, it's no wonder we met.  And I'm glad we did.

  • deramani: You're funny and honest, and I totally thought you were someone else when I added you to my friends list, but you've never failed to keep me enthralled with your life.

  • devina: How freaky was it, really?  I'm glad you stuck around, because you're totally awesome, and I'm glad we met.

  • dirtymikesell: I miss you so much it hurts, sometimes.  Move down here, okay?

  • docaztec: Ahh, brother in funny.  Keep spreading the giggly gospel on the other coast, fine sir.

  • edgeomatic: You're way too quiet these days.  Be well and safe, sir.

  • esmerel: Yeah, there aren't enough words.  There just aren't.  8 billion thank yous would still be insufficient. Love the you.

  • evilmagnus: And they say the Brits have a dry sense of humor.  Whatever.  Yet another person in my growing list of "I want to be like NAME when I grow up."

  • failbig: I miss you.  We need to find reasons to hang out more, despite the distance.

  • fatimaner: Keep it up.  It make me smile to watch you doing what you're doing.

  • filidh: Biggest Heart + Biggest Mouth = Bestest Lawyer Evar.  I'm glad you're persuing something that will help you make a difference, because you totally will make a huge one.

  • foliageofluna: I am SO glad you're happy.

  • fwod: Bitch, write me some stuff for Moron Life.  You're too damn funny to not be a part of the empire I'm creating.

  • gconnor: I don't know that theres a better person out there, except maybe your wife.  Thank you for being my friend.

  • givemethewhip: Thank you for not stabbing me in the head every time I screw up.  Thank you for sharing your twisted sense of reality with me.  Thank you for being awesome.

  • gngr: Even if I don't comment much, I read.  Never forget that.  And never forget that you're a great person.

  • grubbybastard: We still need to talk about taking pictures you sexy bastard.

  • gweneth_syeira: Good lord, I've known you since you were... 8?  And you're in college now.  There are no words.

  • gwyndyn: Don't be a stranger.  I miss you.  Now that you'll be closer, you need to come visit.

  • haloedone: You are an amazingly awesome person, and sometimes I think that I'll never be able to be as caring and loving as you are, because you constantly keep raising the bar.

  • hannas_kiwi: Can you believe how long it's been?  I can't express how glad I am that you're still a part of my life.

  • hardartist: Another Clay.  Keep creating man.

  • heatray: If I could have anyone else's life for a day, I think it would be yours, because while I'm cool, I've never been as cool as you.

  • helenschappell: Bless you and your brilliant, brilliant mind.  And your taste in beer.

  • hmasing: Jesus, man, what a bizarre, twisted path it's been to get where we are.  I don't know that I've ever told you this, but you'll always be one of my heroes. 

  • hugotheromantic: Dude, you can lick your own balls... or would if you had them.  ROCK!

  • iceraver: It's good to know that life is treating well.  Stay happy.

  • inahandbasket: Make more beer!  Make more photos!  It's good to make stuff, and you're good at it.

  • innerbrat: Thank you for making my K happy.  It makes me glad to know she found someone who could do that.

  • iterum: I'm glad we got to sort of live together for a while.  I have too damn many brilliant people on my friends list, man.

  • jawalter: You should have been British, your humor is so dry.  But you never fail to make me laugh.  Post more, bitch.

  • jeditigger: I don't know that there's ever been a more loving, honest, gentle soul out there.  Don't sell yourself short, ever, or I'll kick your ass.

  • jendaviswilson: You didn't think I'd recognize you because you didn't have a mustache?  Come on!  You're too cool for me not to pay attention to.

  • joe_sunday: I'm glad you've become more than just a stick figure in my mind.  I'm glad we've gotten to know each other, and I can't wait for the day we can buy each other beers till we're stupid.

  • kaelya: YAY FOR YOU!  I can't tell you how thrilled I am at your announcement.

  • kaottic97: Ahh, a man with taste in good beer.  It was your Chimay icon that really let me know you were wicked awesome.

  • katie_in_london: Lady, don't stress over what's been.  There's so much better waiting for you when you look forward.  Trust me.  You're fabulous, you just have to let the world know that.

  • kellyangel: Sometimes I'm jealous that you have such a great family.  But then I remember how well you share them with me, and I cry a little.  Thank you for being my sister.  I love you.

  • kerroan: Good sir. It's my duty to inform you that you're cool.  Thanks for making your woman your woman.  It was a smart and awesome move.  Glad I was there to witness it.

  • khourytamarisk: Damn I miss you, woman.  I may not comment much, but I follow your goings on, and smile when your happy, and swear when you're not.  Keep being you, and keep your Samoan-bastard in line.

  • komos: And the student surpasses the teacher.  And the student makes the teacher proud.  And the student is too fucking awesome for words.  I'm glad I sparked interest in the hobby.  And thank you for being my co-pilot.

  • liakela: Stay strong.  Focus on the happy.  You're awesome, and awesome things await you.

  • live_on_stage: What ever happened to the "we'll get married when we're both 30" deal?  Oh, right, we live 3000 miles apart.  I'm glad you're still part of my life, though, cause it would be much less smiley without you.

  • lonespiritwolf2: The patience of a saint, and the heart of a poet.  There's not alot else I can say.  Bless you, sir.

  • lst103: Come visit more often. Granted, I could do the same... but I'm poor!

  • lunarbull: I'd do ya. ;)  I miss getting updates about your life, man.  Hope all is well.

  • mallen: Awesome cook!  Good man! Fantastic human being! Too many exclamatory sentences!

  • marveloustoy: I'm glad you're happy, and congratulations on the newest addition.  Miss you much.

  • meggiedarlin: So quiet these days.  Hope you're doing okay.

  • meiux: What a random set of circumstances that has kept us in touch!  Life and virtual life co-mingling.  Glad you're still here.

  • melibabe: Never, ever sell yourself short.  You're too damn talented, and too damn awesome for that.  Be confident and sure of yourself, and trust your instincts.  Thanks for coming to see me that day at the Doubletree-- it was the start of a fantastic friendship.

  • merlinofchaos: I'm glad I'm not the only one following my dreams.  And I'm glad I'm not the only one it's working out for.  Thank you for everything.  You're awesome.

  • miche_connor: Every time I see you I just want to give you big hugs.  You're and opera star trapped in a shy young girl's body.  Make sure you sing every now and again.

  • mishak: You're mind astounds me every so often.  I wish I had your skill at creating localized awesomeness.

  • missmelysse: I can even being to tell you how thrilled I am that you're doing what your doing.  The thought that I had even the smallest part in it just makes me want to stand up and cheer.  Don't stop.

  • mister_sunshine: You may be the most twisted bastard I know.  And I'm REALLY glad that I know you because of that.  Your talent is amazing.  Thanks for sharing.

  • mittenstein: You're pretty cool for a Mexican. ;)  We need to actually get together sometime now that you're out this way.  I can impress you with my intimate knowledge of swearing in Spanish.

  • morchades: Keep it up.  You're as cool as your sister, and it's awesome to watch you do your thing.

  • mr_sarcasm: I miss you, mutherfucker.  I miss your passion for creating, and your talent for telling a story, and your twisted sense of humor.

  • mrfph: Heh, remember that time you walked out into the kitchen without pants on thinking I wasn't home?  Hehehe... post more!

  • mrzero: I'm glad I got to know you while we both lived in Boston.  You're smart, and cool, and you have a fantastic wife.  Keep up the good work.

  • ms_ntropy: You deserve all the awesomeness the world can provide you.  Thank you for VEGAS!  You made it a really fun weekend.

  • mudbender: Keep Rob in like, eh?  ;) Just kidding.  Both of you need to keep creating things for me to marvel at.

  • mugglepride: It'll happen.  Don't force it, or stress over it.  You're cool, and awesome, and awesomer -- just don't forget that.  Glad you stuck around the LJ world, it's a good thing to know you.

  • muzzie: Dude!  I'm glad things are going so well for you.  I'm glad you're still around.  Don't be a stranger.

  • mysticmoose: I'm not sure you realize what an inspiration you were to me in terms of just letting go and trusting myself to do the right thing.  But really, watching you be funny in text (and in life) let me know that cool and funny COULD go hand in hand.

  • nyssacrman: Wow, how long has it been.  And we're still here. I'm glad. :)

  • ophanim: There are too many things to say.  But you are truly awe-inspiring in your works.  Bless you.

  • other_hbk: It's good to see life treating you well.  It makes me happy knowing you're happy, too, cause you totally deserve it.

  • paradys: Too quiet for someone so inspired to lunacy.  Write more!!

  • phoenix_heart: Don't second guess yourself.  Trust the instincts and the talent, cause they're both pretty strong.

  • piter_kenobi: I miss you more than words can express.  But you won't see this-- but that's okay, cause I'm sure you know.

  • purplemanatee: M'boy!  Keep pushing. Keep trying. Keep working hard.  You'll get where you're headed.

  • rainbowbinky: Why don't you have a single twin sister, again?  Or a clone?  Sheesh.  Love the you.

  • rishikanta: How come we never met when I lived in Boston, man?  I would have loved to work with someone as talented and cool as you are.

  • roane: Thanks for sharing your insights on life.  Believe it or not, they're informative and helpful for me.  Glad you stuck around.

  • rosecolette: But WHY is all the rum gone?  Come visit soon.  I like your sort of crazy.

  • sara_halfelven: Ahh, the girl who moved to England and became a princess. :)  SO glad you're happy, love.

  • satyr69: You're a sick, depraved bastard, and I love you for it. ::mmmmmmmmmmmmwah!::

  • schmitt: You may be one of the bravest people I know.  And what makes it even more amazing is that you did it for love.  My hat is off to you, woman.

  • senatorhatty: Somedays, I totally wish I was you.  You're way too cool for words.

  • shelbyg: Post more.  I miss my weekly dose of Shelbyworld.

  • should_is: Thanks for being a friend, and a contemporary, and an inspiration.  I really appreciate your feedback and your take on things.

  • silas7: I don't even know what I can say here.  Without you, Boston would have been a miserable experience.  99% of the friends I had were because of you.  You are one of the most fantastic human beings I've ever met.  There's so much love and so much good in you... don't shut it in.  Love you.

  • sinspired: I'm glad we re-connected after so long.  You're in many of the good memories I have from college, lady.  Thank you.

  • sisterthemoon: Good lord, woman, what haven't we dealt with?  You're a phenomenal human being and I'm glad I know you. 

  • skooterbuns: I miss you!  How come we're not married yet?

  • skygoodwill: May the heavens smile on you and bring you all that you desire.  Thank you for being my friend and confidant. There aren't enough thank yous in the universe.

  • spitcurl: Another "why didn't we meet in Boston?" friend.  Someday I want to be able to compliment you on your awesomeness in person.

  • starboogie: Miss you. Keep being you, cause you are wonderful and you make me smile.

  • starflow: From the first moment I met you, I knew you were totally fantastically cool.  And I was right.

  • stellabambino: Beer and comedy.  I'm sure there's more that we have in common, but that's enough for me to put you in the "cool" column.

  • swami_bob: Good eye, good funny bone, good heart, all in a HUGE FUCKING PACKAGE.  Glad you're around, man.

  • tajnyj: You're my kind of crazy, lady.  Write more, and happy birthday!

  • tamago: Go you and your storytelling on a phenomenal scale talents.  Can't wait for next time.

  • tarotchan: Miss you. But I'm really glad you've found something you love to persue.  Write more!

  • technocowboy: Deep breaths.  The future will be here soon enough.  But in the mean time, make sure you're spending time with the folks who love you here, cause we'll miss you terribly when you're gone.

  • tenillypo: Thank you for taking a total stranger into your car and home at different times (cause together would be weird).

  • tersa: HUZZAH for Cirque!  I'm so glad there's another glutton here in town.  Can't wait!

  • thefreak: We met, what, once face to face, maybe?  But still, you're pursuit of things Hollywood is an inspiration. 

  • tigermilkdrunk: Another I'm sorry I didn't get to meet in Boston.  Possibly the one I'm sorriest about, too.  Don't stop being so brilliant and eloquent.

  • tiny_chicken: Keep hector in line, eh?  We need to get together now that you and he are out here.  We never got to hang out enough in Massachusetts.

  • tyee: Yeah, and why don't YOU have a twin sister, too?  Sheesh.  Thank you for being just the right amount of crazy to make me smile when I'm down.

  • ultramundanecom: Do you have a fucking RSS feed yet?  Thank you for making me feel less out of place the one time we actually met.  It meant alot to me.

  • unagikittyroll: Oh, the stories we have.  Glad you're still part of my life, love. There must be visiting.

  • uncletang: I miss you alot.  But I'm glad things are going well for you.  Don't stop being the wonderful that you are.

  • uruz: What a bizarre set of circumstances that led us to meet... I still get confused sometimes.  Keep doing what you're doing, sir, because it will pay off sooner than you think.

  • vanfleet: I miss hearing from you.  But I'm glad that life is so good you don't HAVE to write about it.

  • walid_muffin: Talented, handsome, funny, awesome... all in a fantastic Lebanese package.  They should totally export more you.

  • wildflowersoul: punk-librarian is what I thought when I first met you... now I know that it's more funky-cold-librarian.  Glad you're part of the family, darling.

  • wildpaletz: As Jeremy said, "How can someone so sexy be so smart?"  Really glad I got to know you.  Thanks for everything you've said and done over the last few years.  You've made a bigger mark on my life than you may realize.

  • yabracadavre: I miss you, too.  You still owe me a CD. :)

  • zeldachik: I'm sure you won't see this because it's nearing Halloween time, but I'm glad we met.

  • zerimar: Thank you for supporting your fabulous artist wife.  And thank you for being so cool.

  • zuke174: You've grown so much since we first met.  I'm glad I got to hang around to know you as it happened.  Don't be a stranger, okay?

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  • Milestones, or lack thereof...

    So I was at the gym on Thursday when I had my official "You've lost 30 pounds" weigh in, and Theresa (my trainer) got really serious…

  • The hobby that dare not speak its name...

    So on a POSITIVE note (which I seem to share so few of recently), I've been seeing a trainer for the last year or so. Twice a week, 30 minutes a…

  • Feel the force...

    I may or may not have just scared off a raccoon that was outside my window with a lightsaber flashlight.